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About Us

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Hello, my my name is Max!

I am a rescue from Tijuana, Mexico. I am 3 years old and live with my brother Kylo, da Katz and our Hooman family Mom, Dad, Gabe and Mia. 

Hi, I am Max's Brother, Kylo!

I love to wrestle with Max, eat Katz poop and destroy squeaky toys. 

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Prescilla Cardena, Owner
"Not just a job, it's love!"

Prescilla left the corporate world to focus on the only thing she loves more than her family, DOGS! Her decision shows her deep connection with these loyal companions. With caring and a good sense of style, she creates a comfortable and loving space for her furry friends. Prescilla's journey is a beautiful mix of dedication and compassion as she wholeheartedly cares for every dog she grooms. 

Da Katz

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